Shire Staff Adopt Local Spot for Clean-up Day

For Keep Australia Beautiful Week, staff from the Shire’s Waste Services, Building Services and Sustainability Team adopted a spot at the Barrett Street Weir in Margaret River.

The quick 45-minute clean-up resulted in 7.8kg in litter and a few recyclables being collected from within the reserve.

Some of the items collected included:
♻️ Disposable feminine hygiene pads – these should be disposed of in the general waste bin, alternatively visit the Shire’s website to find out further information on reusable sanitary products.
♻️ Compostable dog poo bags – when discarded in the bush without the correct processing, these items won’t break down. These can be placed into either a FOGO or general waste bin.
♻️ Parts of an expanded polystyrene insulated cooler – polystyrene is a problem product and is very easily littered if not disposed of correctly. The best place for these items at the end of their life is the general waste bin.
♻️ Used toilet paper (compostable, but still considered litter) – soiled toilet paper should be disposed of in a toilet.
♻️ Empty bottle of tomato passata – quick rinse of the glass bottle and this can be placed in a yellow top recycling bin.
♻️ Aluminium cans and bottles – eligible containers can be redeemed for a 10c refund through Containers for Change refund points. Alternatively, they can be placed in a recycling bin with their lids off.
♻️ Disposable face mask – cut off the straps and dispose in general waste, or make use of the free drop off at the Shire’s Administration building in Margaret River.
♻️ Mini NO2 cannister – aerosols should not be placed in any bins under any circumstances, disposal of these items are covered in the Household Hazardous Waste program and should be taken to the nearest HHW drop off.

For further information visit the Keep Australia Beautiful website.

Pictured above are Building Applications Administrator Christie Payne, Sustainability Planning Officer Katie Biggs, Sustainable Economy Officer Saul Creswell, Manager Waste and Major Projects Chris Yates and Project Administration & Education Officer Penny Dowd.
22 Aug 2022 Topic Type
General News
Margaret River
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