Shire Supports Locals to Build An Affordable, Sustainable Future

Shire Supports Locals to Build An Affordable, Sustainable Future

If you’re designing or building your own home, chances are you’re looking out for ways to keep your carbon footprint as small as possible. But tracking all the factors involved is more than just complex – it can also be pricey. 

The Shire is keen to help locals who want to build with a cleaner, greener design, and has partnered with a global software provider headquartered in Perth, Cerclos to offer 20 free Guided Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) worth $300 each to those in the early stages of designing their own home. The Guided LCA is a personalised, tailored deep dive into the ‘whole of life’ environmental footprint of the home. A Cerclos Life Cycle Expert will work closely with you to establish your environmental targets and assess everything about your design, from construction and how it’s operated through to demolition and recyclability to help you reach those targets. The Guided LCA can also help with ways to keep your ongoing household bills down through design tweaks and product selections. 

The advice could even help with a cheaper home loan rate as a number of banks offer discounted rates to reward environmentally sensitive homes.  

If you aren’t one of the lucky 20, Cerclos also offers the RapidLCA app. Just enter your general building specifications and the preconfigured designs take care of the rest. 

Email [email protected] to find out if you’re eligible for one of the 20 free Guided Life Cycle Assessments. 

Please note, potential residents of the Witchcliffe Eco Village are not eligible for the offer as the RapidLCA is already a pre-requisite for their build.
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