Snakes Are on the Move

Snakes and Reptiles are Becoming More Active 

As it gets warmer, snakes and other reptiles become more active, searching for food and a mate.

They also enjoy sunbaking on rocks and warm tracks, and you may see one when out on the trails or in coastal and bushland areas.

However, snakes are normally shy and will generally only attack when threatened or provoked.

•    Keep a watchful eye on the ground where you are walking or working.
•    Stick to cleared trails and pathways and avoid walking in long grass.
•    Wear long trousers and boots when bushwalking.
•    Keep your dog on a lead in areas where there might be snakes.

If you do see a snake, don’t panic. Back away slowly to a safe distance until the snake has moved away.

Remember snakes and reptiles are protected and an important part of the local ecosystem. 

Picture: Sunbathing Dugite by Greg Harewood
08 Nov 2023 Topic Type
General News
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