Speed Limit Reduced on Rural Residential Roads

In consultation with the Shire, Main Roads WA has applied a new speed limit of 70 km/h to rural residential roads west of Margaret River. These roads did not previously have speed limits, which means the default speed of 110 km/h applied. 

Following a fatal car crash on Kevill Road in 2019, the Shire placed a formal request with Main Roads WA to introduce a posted speed limit to improve safety along this stretch of road. 

Main Roads WA will not impose a speed limit on an individual road within a network of similar roads, so the only way a speed limit can be approved is for an area-based speed limit to be applied to all roads in the adjoining rural residential areas. 

Based on Main Roads WA's speed zoning policy and guidelines, a speed limit of 70 km/h was deemed  appropriate for Kevill Road and the adjoining areas. All roads in the adjoining rural residential areas including Connelly Road, Culhane Road, Devon Drive, Doyle Place, Illawarra Avenue and Ironstone Place do not meet Main Roads WA’s criteria for a lower speed limit of 50 km/h or 60 km/h.  

Irrespective of posted speed limits, motorists are required to drive at a speed that does not endanger members of the public. Speed limits are the maximum speed for a particular area and all road users must drive carefully to conditions in a safe manner. 

To ensure everyone in our community can walk, ride and drive safely around our streets, all road users are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and always drive with caution. 
19 Apr 2023 Topic Type
General News
Margaret River
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