Walking Together on Tallinup Boodja Pictured: Wadandi Cultural Custodian Zac Webb

Walking together on Tallinup Boodja.

Last week, in recognition of National Reconciliation Week 2024, we proudly partnered with the Undalup Association to give our community a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Wadandi culture through our event, “Walking Together on Tallinup Boodja (Augusta Country),”

Led by Wadandi Cultural Custodian Zac Webb and Undalup Cultural Conservationists Meeka, Joe, Kaylene, and Josie, this special event provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the ancient practices of the Wadandi people. It included activities such as tool making and reed weaving, as well as a cultural walk on Country.

National Reconciliation Week serves as a time for all Australians to engage with and learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements. It is an opportunity to reflect on how each of us can contribute to the ongoing journey of reconciliation in Australia.

The success of Walking Together on Tallinup Boodja (Augusta Country), demonstrates our community’s commitment to learning from our traditional custodians.  Thanks to everyone who participated and supported the event, including the Augusta Historical Society and Augusta CRC.

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