Wayfinding Trail Signage Leads the Way

The Shire has completed wayfinding of most of the trails within Margaret River inclusive of: Wadandi Track, Minnie Kennan Trail, Alfred Bussell Trail and Barrett Street Trail.

The trail map shows the different icons and colours for Margaret River trails. 

Wayfinding signage helps maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all trail users, allowing them to stay safely on track and find their way.
The individual signage at the start of each trail specifies use type per trail which includes Minnie Keenan now being walk only. 
The Shire worked in collaboration with local experts on this project and the code of conduct is based on ‘Share the Trail’.
Get outside, enjoy the sunshine and start exploring the trails in our shire! 
09 Nov 2022 Topic Type
General News
Margaret River
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