Witchcliffe Streetscape Plan and Activation Grant

Read and review the draft Witchcliffe Streetscape Plan or sign up to be a part of the Main Street Activation.

A draft Witchcliffe Streetscape Plan, aiming to set a long-term direction for the Witchcliffe town centre is now available for public feedback. Additionally, the Shire has applied for a RAC activation grant to temporarily trial some of the ideas from the draft Streetscape Plan in a Main Street Activation.

The Shire has recently completed the Witchcliffe Character Study. The Character study identified the built, natural and experiential elements that contribute to Witchcliffe’s unique sense of place. 

The outcomes of the Character Study were used to develop the draft Streetscape Plan. The Streetscape Plan aims to ensure a coordinated approach as works occur progressively into the future when private properties redevelop, and finances become available in budgets for Shire projects. The Streetscape plan is intended to be implemented progressively, not all at once.  

The Main Street Activation trial could include designating pedestrian crossing points on Bussell Highway and the installation of playable seating, landscaping, public art, and lighting in the park next to Druids Hall.

If successful with the RAC activation grant application the Shire hopes to involve the Witchcliffe community in the implementation of the trial.

You can access and review the Witchcliffe Character Study and draft Streetscape Plan and sign up to be involved in Witchcliffe Main Street activation. To find out more, visit: www.yoursay.amrshire.wa.gov.au/witchcliffe-streetscape-plan

Feedback on the draft Witchcliffe Streetscape Plan will close on Monday, 9 January 2023.

If you have any questions on the draft Streetscape Plan, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Slocomb (Coordinator Planning Services) at 9780 5238 or [email protected] 

If you have questions regarding the activation grant contact Susan Elton (Acting Coordinator of Asset Management) at 9780 5210 or [email protected]

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