Learn how to apply for planning approval for cellar door (rural produce) sales. 


Cellar door sales refer to when products produced or grown on land (or a locality) used for agriculture-intensive purposes are sold on-site to the general public.  

The Shire of Augusta Margaret River’s Local Planning Scheme No. 1 defines ‘Rural Produce Sales’ as:

“Any premises used for the purpose of retail sale of products which are grown, reared or produced on site, including a cellar door operation and retail sales associated with Industry – Cottage or Industry - Rural; Cellar Door Sales.”

Applicable land zoning

Cellar door sales are a component of ‘Rural Produce Sales’, a defined land capable of approval in the Shires Chalet and Camping, Priority Agriculture, General Agriculture, Cluster Farm and Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge Landscape Amenity zones. It’s considered to be ancillary to the primary agricultural use of the property.

Development standards

On land zoned Priority or General Agriculture, buildings must be setback 60m from any lot boundary fronting caves Road, Bussell Highway and Brockman Highway; otherwise, a 30m front setback applies.  Side setbacks must be a minimum of 20m. 

Further development standards are prescribed in Schedule 9 of the Local Planning Scheme, while the parking requirements are contained in Schedule 8. The Scheme does not prescribe a parking standard for cellar door sales in Schedule 8. Parking must be provided to the satisfaction of the Shire and is assessed on a case by case basis. 

It’s essential to read the general provisions of the Scheme, including the objectives of the Priority or General Agricultural zone, to ensure all relevant requirements have been addressed.

Relevant local planning policies

Local planning policies have been developed to help guide the discretionary decisions of the Council. 

The following local policies are commonly considered when assessing a ‘Cellar Door Sales’ application

Cellar Door Sales Policy

The Cellar Door Sales Policy provides a classification for cellar door applications. Cellar doors are classified on the production capacity of the farm and other ancillary commercial uses. Cellar doors can be classified as a boutique, small scale, or large-scale operation. Detailed information is required for this classification. The policy also proposes contributions towards upgrading access roads for the larger cellar door applications.

Signage Policy

Note: a planning application is required for any new signage or modifications to existing signs. A signage application may be included in a Cellar Door application. If a signage application is not included in the initial planning application, a separate application will be required at a later time.

Apply for planning approval

To apply for planning approval, complete the application form and checklist below. 

Application for Development Approval (includes Checklist) (PDF)

A fee is payable when applying for planning approval. This fee must be paid at the time of application.

Please refer to Shire’s Schedule of Fees and Charges - Planning to determine the applicable fee. 

A Development Application Fee Calculator is available to assist you.

Ensure you submit your application with all the required documentation and fees, which are outlined in the checklist at the end of the form.

You can submit your application in person or by post.

Other approvals required

Depending on the proposed development, you may also require a building permit and/or approval from the Shire’s Environmental Health Department. 

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