The Prohibited Burning Period for the Shire has been extended further and will now apply until midnight, Tuesday 30 April 2024. No fires can be lit in the open air. More information here.


The steps in the planning approval/development application process are generally:

  1. Lodgement: The lodgement of the application and payment of fees.
  2. Consultation: Comment from external bodies such as other government agencies is sometimes required (eg the Heritage Council, Main Roads). Comment from affected landowners and/or the local public is also sometimes required.
  3. Assessment: Carried out by a Planning Officer utilising the Shire's Planning Scheme, policies and other reference material.
  4. Development Assessment Report (DAR): Decisions made under delegated authority are published in the DAR on a weekly basis. Minutes for past meetings are available.
  5. Council meeting: If a delegated decision is not possible, the application will be presented to Council for its consideration at a Council meeting.
  6. Applicant is notified: Applicant is notified of decision to either approve or refuse the application.  


The time taken to assess an application will vary depending on the complexity and nature of the proposal. 

The Shire will endeavor to determine an application:

  • Within 60 days where there is no public advertising or agency referrals required
  • Within 90 days where public advertising or agency referrals are required. 

It should be noted that this may vary depending on the number of active applications and officer workloads at any given time.

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