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Section 4.6 of the Shire of Augusta Margaret River Standing Orders Local Law outlines what is required of a petition that is to be received by Council. They state that:

  1. A petition received by a member or the CEO is to be presented to the next ordinary Council meeting.
  2. A petition to the Council is -
    1. as far as practicable to be prepared in the form prescribed in Schedule 1 (see below);
    2. to be addressed to the Council and forwarded to a member or the CEO;
    3. to state the name and address of the person to whom correspondence in respect of the petition may be served; and
    4. to be respectful and temperate in its language.
  3. The presentation of a petition is to be confined to the reading of the petition.

Schedule 1, below, outlines the way in which your petition should be set out.

Schedule 1 – Petition to the Shire of Augusta Margaret River

To the President and Councillors of the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, We, the undersigned, do respectfully request that the Council -
(Here set out a concise statement of facts and the action sought)

Correspondence in respect of this petition should be addressed to -
(Here set out the name and address of the person who has initiated the petition)

The names and addresses of your petitioners are as follows:

Date Full Name

Agree/Disagree/No opinion


Note: Petitioners may contact the CEO of the Shire of Augusta Margaret River if they wish to withdraw from this petition or change their comment.

Advice from the Information Commissioner

The names and signatures of those who signed a petition will be regarded as personal information. While the minutes of council meetings are publicly available, only the subject and summary information of any petition tabled will be recorded in a report. Therefore, that part of a petition containing private information may not be provided upon a simple request and would be subject to FOI assessment.

Please contact the Shire's Governance / Council Support Officer on 97805205 or [email protected]  for further information.

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