Nguraren Kalleep Reserve means ‘Ringtail Camp’ in Wadandi language and was chosen following consultation with traditional custodians, in recognition of the significance of the reserve to the endangered Western Ringtail Possums.

Nguraren Kalleep Reserve (formerly known as the A Class Reserve) is a 17.7 ha site of granite outcrops, creek lines and river foreshore vegetation, located on the corner of Carters Road & Bussell Highway and extends west through to the Wadandi track. 

The group meets Tuesdays mornings, removing various weeds species, preparing revegetation sites, mulching and weeding post planting and general monitoring of the reserve.  Although the group meets weekly, participants just attend when they are available and therefore no regular commitment is necessary.

Participants are notified by email each week regarding the specific tasks we will be working on and where exactly to meet. Our members are passionate bush regenerators who enjoy the camaraderie of volunteering in this beautiful reserve. 

In the future we hope to do more botanical surveys and transects in the Autumn and Spring months. We would like to document the reserve with more photographic monitoring and collection of data of fauna, flora and fungi sightings.

Meet: Tuesdays 9-11am

Location: Nguraren Kalleep Reserve

To get involved contact [email protected]

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