What is a strata title?

A strata title is a means of dividing up a property title to allow for multiple ownership.

Types of strata title

Built strata title

Generally, this type of strata title is relevant to a building(s) on a lot(s). The strata plan demonstrates the area of the building(s) ie. square metres.

Note: The Shire's Building Services Team deals with these types of strata title applications.

Survey strata title

This type of strata would normally be relevant to the land only, as such a building need not be on the land.

A building may be on the land, however the building shown on the survey strata plan would not generally include the floor area of the buildings.

The Shire’s Statutory Planning Team deals with survey strata title applications as a separate process.

How to apply for a strata title

The Shire only forms a part of the approval process for having a strata plan lodged with Landgate for their endorsement and issue of the strata titles.

If you want to strata title a property you need to determine if a property meets all requirements to allow it to be strata titled. You will need a licenced Land Surveyor to assist with the preparation of the strata title documents.

Application for a built strata title

A building approval certificate strata (BA15) can be used to obtain strata titles from Landgate. It cannot be used to certify compliance of works carried out without a building permit. 

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • A Certificate of Building Compliance (Form BA18) signed by an independent building surveyor
  • Evidence of any prescribed authorities’ approval
  • Evidence of any prescribed notifications given
  • Appropriate consent forms or court orders where work encroaches onto or adversely affects other land
  • Appropriate survey diagram identifying proposed lots
  • Payment of the prescribed fee (refer to building fees and charges).

For more information, please email the Shire’s Building Services Team [email protected] or call (08) 9780 5291.

Application for a survey strata title

Please contact the Shire’s Statutory Planning Team on (08) 9780 5220.

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