Find out about safety barriers, when you need a Building Permit, how to apply and swimming pool inspections.

Do you need a safety barrier?

All property owners who have a swimming pool or spa on their property are required by law to provide a compliant safety barrier around the pool or spa. 

Pool safety barriers must comply with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia, Building Regulations 2012 and Australian Standards 1926 Part 1. 

Do you need a Building Permit?

A Building Permit ensures that the proposed building work complies with the Building Codes of Australia and other relevant standards and legislation.

Swimming pools and outdoor spas that are capable of containing a depth of water more than 300mm require a Building Permit from the Shire, prior to their construction or installation. This requirement includes inflatable and portable above-ground pools purchased off the shelf. 

Important notes: 

  • If the pool builder or spa installer is not going to install the required safety barrier, a separate Building Permit application must be submitted by the property owner or their nominated pool fence contractor.  The Building Permit for the swimming pool will be put on hold, pending the approval of the Building Permit for the pool safety barrier. 
  • Following the construction of a swimming pool and safety barrier, an inspection is required to be conducted. This is a separate requirement to the four yearly inspections. Please complete the Pool Inspection Request form and email to [email protected]

How to apply

Refer to Building Permit Application

Ongoing swimming pool inspections

The Shire has a legislative obligation to ensure that swimming pools and spas are inspected at least once every four years to ensure compliance of the safety barriers with legislative requirements. An inspection fee is applicable following each inspection. 

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