Building permits are required for installation of all water tanks with a volume greater than 5,000 litres.

General requirements for water tanks

Where scheme water is not available, installation of a water tank with a minimum capacity of 120,000 litres is required on lots with a dwelling.

Setbacks for water tanks vary depending on the lot zoning.

Water tanks should be:

  • Positioned in a discreet location (behind the dwelling)
  • Close to the catchment structure
  • Have a minimum clearance of 1.8 metres from leach drains and 1.2 metres from septic tanks.

Installing a water tank

When submitting your application you will need:
  • A completed Building Permit Application Form (BA2)
  • Site plan to scale showing setbacks and location of proposed water tank
  • Elevations and heights of the proposed water tank
  • Structural certification of the proposed water tank.
Fees apply. Refer to Building Fees and Charges

Building permit applications either certified or uncertified are usually assessed and approved within 10 business days.

Under the Building Act 2011, the owner or builder must notify the Shire that the work is completed by submitting a BA7 Notice of Completion Form, which is attached to the building permit.

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