Our Leisure Plan and Public Open Space Strategy will guide how we develop and manage our parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities until 2036.

We have incorporated the following considerations into our Leisure Plan and Public Open Space Strategy:

  • The region’s unique environmental and demographic factors;
  • Individual needs of townsites across the shire;
  • Diversity in population types e.g. permanent residents, transient population;
  • Population growth; and
  • Feedback from our community. 

Public Open Space Strategy

Our Public Open Space Strategy includes:

  • Objectives to guide the location and characteristics of Public Open Space;
  • An assessment of the current availability of Public Open Space across our townsites;
  • Classification of the types of Public Open Space to inform and set expectations on the level of infrastructure and servicing required; and
  • Provide strategies to guide Public Open Space development until 2036 across our townsites.

Some important features within the Public Open Space Strategy include:

  • Improvements to district playing fields in Rapids Landing, Parkwater and the future Arbour Estate to reduce the demand on the Gloucester Park Precinct;
  • New playgrounds in Witchcliffe, Gracetown, Augusta and Karridale; and
  • New public open space will be strategically located to help preserve native vegetation.


Leisure Plan

Our Leisure Plan includes:

  • Assessment of our local sport and recreation profile, and the current supply of community leisure infrastructure;
  • Guidelines for future community infrastructure needs and investment;
  • Action categories and hierarchy to guide the development of future community facilities; and
  • Recommended table of projects, with timelines and financial modelling to guide community infrastructure development until 2036 across our townsites.

Upcoming projects to be delivered as part of the Leisure Plan include:

  • Witchcliffe hardcourts and playspace construction (2023-24)
  • Alexandra Bridge court replacement and play facility construction (2024-25)
  • Augusta – Firestone Park construction (2024-25)
  • Gracetown playspace construction (2024-25)
  • Gloucester Park – Western Pavilion – redevelop pavilion and changerooms (2025-26)
  • Gloucester Park outdoor courts construction x2 (2025-26)

View the full list of projects on page 64 of the Leisure Plan

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