The Prohibited Burning Period for the Shire has been extended by two weeks and will aply until midnight, Tuesday 28 March 2023. No fires can be lit in open air. More information here

Local governments are responsible for planning their local communities through appropriate planning controls for land use and development. They do this by preparing Local Planning Strategies and Local Planning Schemes.

Local Planning Strategy

The Shire’s Local Planning Strategy sets out the long term planning directions for the Shire and guides land use planning over the next ten to fifteen years. 

It incorporates relevant State, regional and local planning policies and strategies. It also provides the grounds for the land use and development controls in the Local Planning Scheme.

Local Planning Scheme

The Local Planning Scheme sets out the way land is to be used and developed. It classifies areas for land use, including provisions to coordinate infrastructure and development within the local government area.

Elements of the Scheme are also set out in the Deemed Provisions set by the State Government.

Structure Plans

The Shire’s Structure Plans guide future subdivision and zoning of land and may be prepared if an area is:

  • All or part of a zone identified in the Local Planning Scheme as an area suitable for urban or industrial development
  • Identified in the Local Planning Scheme as an area requiring a structure plan to be prepared before any future subdivision or development is undertaken
  • Subject to a State Planning Policy requiring a structure plan to be prepared
  • Required by the WA Planning Commission to have such a plan for the purposes of orderly and proper planning.

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