Residents can keep up to two beehives on a property zoned as residential without Shire approval.

To keep more than two beehives, requires planning approval.

All beekeepers in Western Australia must register with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. Each beehive must be marked with the owner’s registration identifier.

The Shire requires that all bee hives:

  • Are enclosed on all sides by a fence, wall or other enclosure
  • Be at least 5 metres from the boundary of the lot
  • Are kept outside and at least 10 metres from a building
  • Are at least 10 metres from any footpath, street or public place
  • Have access to an adequate and permanent water supply on the lot within 10 metres from any building other than a fence. 

Also, visit WA Apiarist Society Margaret River Chapter – a local group for beekeepers that meets monthly.

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