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Find out how to register for eRates – an efficient, convenient and environmentally sustainable way to receive your rates notices.

Benefits of eRates

There are many benefits to signing up for eRates:

  • Quicker way to receive all your notices (Annual Rates Notice, Final Notice and Instalment Notices)
  • Environmental benefits by saving on paper
  • Ease while travelling for a long time, on holiday or living overseas
  • You still get your notice if you have moved and forgot to update your postal address.

How to register for eRates

You can register for eRates online.

Please note: Once an email address is registered through eRates, no more paper copies will be sent. If you change your mind and would like to go back to receiving paper copies, you can de-register at any time.

Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below. If you still require assistance, please contact the Shire’s Revenue Team on (08) 9780 5234 or email [email protected]

eRates FAQs

Yes, if you know your Assessment number and other details, you can register up until 30th June.

Only a one off registration is required.

Once an email address is registered through eRates, no more paper copies will be sent. If you change your mind and would like to go back to receiving paper copies you can de-register at any time.

Only one primary email address can be registered to receive all of the notices. The email address can be changed each year if required. The last registered email address for the Assessment number will be the address which receives the notices.

If there is more than one owner, we recommend one owner be nominated as the responsible person to receive the emailed notices, and then forward on the email to other owners.

The Assessment number is written at the top right hand side your Rate Notice, it starts with the letter A. It is important to get this number correct.

Yes, the Assessment Number, First Name, Last Name and Property Address need to match the ownership of the property in the Shire’s property database.

The notices will be sent to the last registered email address entered through the registration page.

Each property has a unique Assessment number. To register multiple properties each Assessment number will need to be registered individually.

If you own more than one property as a joint owner and you would like a different owner to get the other properties rate notices you can register a different email address for the individual assessments.

Yes, if we receive a non-delivery notification, a copy of the rate notice will be posted. You can re-register again at any time.

Simply re-register again and the most current registration details will be used.

Payment methods will stay the same and can be made by BPay, BPoint, cheque via mail, over the counter (cash, cheque or eftpos) or by phone 1300 276 468 (debit and credit cards).

For more information go to Rates Payments and Options.

When the eRates notice is transmitted it will contain an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

When you unsubscribe, the Shire will update your records accordingly and you will revert back to being issued with a paper copy.

The Shire’s Revenue Team upon notification of sale of the property will de-register your email details.

The Shire’s Revenue Team after processing the subdivision or amalgamation and creating any new Assessment Numbers will write to you and let you know what you need to do.

For new Assessment Numbers created, owners will be required to complete a new eRates registration.

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