Find out what your rates are spent on and how they benefit the community and contribute to the overall Shire budget.

How rates benefit the community

Rates are a contribution each ratepayer makes towards the cost of providing quality facilities, community buildings, recreational areas and efficient administrative services to our entire community and its many visitors.

Services provided by the Shire include upkeep of community facilities, parks, library services, roads, health, sanitation, building control and operation of recreational facilities (swimming pool, recreation centres, gyms and ovals).  

Infographic showing how breakdown of how rates are spent

How every $100 is spent across major service areas

  • Roads, drainage and infrastructure - $27.18
  • Parks and leisure - $20.02
  • Planning and amenity - $11.59
  • Environment and waste - $14.83
  • Libraries, arts and culture - $6.26
  • Community buildings - $6.26
  • Public safety - $5.80
  • Community services - $5.54
  • Governance and administration - $2.52
    *Based on 2023-24 budget figures

Rates contribution to the Shire budget

The Shire uses rates to fund a range of essential services that help strengthen our community, protect the natural environment, foster local economic prosperity, and responsibly manage the community’s infrastructure and assets. 

Did you know rate revenue made up 64% of total budgeted operating revenue? The Shire works hard to leverage as much revenue from sources other than rates to minimise rate payments, including fees and charges and capital grants and contributions. 

More information and contact

Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below. If you require further assistance, please contact the Shire’s Revenue Team on (08) 9780 5234 or email [email protected]

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