The Shire supports and encourages the operation of mobile food businesses within public places and recreational reserves across the Shire. 


Any means of transport designed to be moveable and used for the preparation or sale of food and beverages fit for human consumption, but does not include a temporary food stall.

Any means of transport designed to be moveable and used for the preparation or sale of food and beverages fit for human consumption. The itinerant mobile food business will routinely change location making intermittent stops of up to 15 minutes at any one time (or until customer activity ceases).

Approved trading locations

The approved trading locations for the operation of mobile food businesses within the Shire include:

  • Rotary Park, Margaret River, Reserve 18451
  • Surfers Point, Reserve 41545
  • Rivermouth, Reserve 41545
  • Flinders Bay, Reserve 24653. 

Permits required

Mobile food businesses and itinerant mobile food businesses trading within the Shire are required to:

  • Hold a valid permit issued by the Shire
  • Hold a current Food Act 2008 Certificate of Registration* 
  • Obtain any other relevant approvals or consent that may be required by State authorities.

*Find out how to register a food business.

How to apply

Expressions of interest (EOI) will be invited every two years for the operation of mobile food businesses at the approved locations.

The EOI document will require a response to the following criteria (but not limited to):

  • Enhancement of experience of the public place / recreational reserve
  • Minimal noise associated with trading (use of quiet generators)
  • Sustainability - incorporation of sustainable practices such as:
    • Use of locally sourced or produced goods
    • Use of 100% compostable packaging, plates, cutlery etc. and provision of bins for organic matter
    • Re-usable crockery, cutlery washed within mobile food vehicle and re-used
    • Avoidance of single use plastics
    • Or any other waste minimisation techniques.
  • Relevant experience and a demonstrated compliance with the Food Act 2008 and Food Safety Standards.

The Shire will consider applications for itinerant mobile food businesses in approved areas at any time throughout the year.

The Shire may also consider applications for permits received throughout the year for locations other than the approved trading locations identified.

Should a vacancy arise at one of the approved locations, the Shire will consider applications for permits at that location, throughout the year.

The following information is required for mobile food business and itinerant mobile food business applications (but not limited to):

  • A completed mobile food business permit application form, including a description of how the mobile food business incorporates sustainable practices
  • A current Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance) for a minimum of $20,000,000
  • A copy of manufacturer’s specifications for any generators to be used
  • A copy of current Food Act 2008 Certificate of Registration issued by the local government where the mobile food vehicle is housed and/or where the majority of the food preparation activities are occurring.

Operational and site requirements

Please refer to the policy below for detailed information about the requirements for mobile food businesses.

Food safety training

It is a requirement under the Food Act 2008 that any person handling food for the public must demonstrate adequate experience or training.

The Shire has available to all food businesses, community groups and charities a free online food safety training course.

Add FoodSafe Online to your cart and then use the code FSAUGMR317 at the checkout which will remove the associated cost. Upon completion, the course will generate a certificate as proof of completion.

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