Catchment management

Catchment management programs consider all land use activities within a catchment or drainage basin as they impact on the receiving water body.

Visit the Department of Water website for detailed information on catchment management.

River action plans

River action plans have been prepared for many of our local waterways.

To find out about action plans for Margaret River, Ellen Brook, Calgardup Brook, Cowaramup Brook, Wilyabrup and Boodjidup Brook, contact Nature Conservation Margaret River.

To find about action plans for Chapman Brook, West Bay Creek and Mcleod Creek, contact the Lower Blackwood Catchment Group.

Water planning and licensing

In 2007 all surface water areas within the were proclaimed, due to the increasing pressures on these water resources and a need for better management. All groundwater resources in the region have also proclaimed.

In proclaimed areas under the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914, it is illegal to take water from a watercourse or groundwater aquifer without a licence. Applications for water licenses are made through the regional offices of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Dams and soaks

Dams and soaks can provide a valuable supply of water especially during dry months when rainfall is low.

Approval to construct or expand a dam

If you wish to build a new dam or soak or expand existing ones, you need to know about planning approvals and licences required to construct, expand or clean them out. Find out about approvals to construct or expand a dam or soak.

Convert your dam into a natural wetland

Farm dams provide a fantastic opportunity to recreate habitats that were once provided by natural wetlands. 

Advantages include:

  • Reduced erosion and associated management and repairs
  • Improved water quality through nutrient stripping and shading
  • Oxygenation of water and sediments
  • Creation of habitat
  • Natural pest control (can host pest predators).
  • Adds to property value by improving visual amenity and creating a feature.

Contact Nature Conservation Margaret River for advice on how to turn your dam into a natural wetland.

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