The Shire is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its corporate operations and playing a lead role in reducing emissions from our community. Find out what we are doing to reduce our Carbon Footprint and what you can do to help!

Climate Action Plan – Towards Zero Emissions 2020–2030

The Shire’s Climate Action Plan – Towards Zero Emissions 2020-2030 sets out practical, economically responsible and inclusive measures to reach our net zero 2030 target.

Prepared in partnership with the community, the Plan identifies actions to be undertaken by the Shire to address corporate emissions and assist the community in reducing emissions and achieving carbon reduction targets. 

Shire energy reduction initiatives

The Shire has implemented a range of energy reduction initiatives, including:

  • Installing solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops of Shire buildings, including the Margaret River Recreation Centre and Library
  • Replacing indoor and outdoor lighting with energy-efficient LED’s
  • Preparing and conducting energy audits of Shire buildings and operations
  • Installing pool blankets at public swimming pools to reduce heat loss
  • Purchasing carbon credits to offset Shire carbon emissions 
  • Replacing diesel generators with heat pumps at caravan parks.

Climate Action Summit

The foundations of the Climate Action Plan stem from a grassroots community-led initiative supported by the Shire, which culminated in a ‘Climate Action Summit’. Extensive community consultation identified 50 potential projects, which were presented to Summit attendees. Attendees agreed on 11 Priority Actions to be developed into collaborative projects developed through partnerships between government, local business and community.

Priority actions 

  1. Assist Augusta Margaret River Clean Community Energy group to develop a major community renewable energy project
  2. Develop a community renewable energy power sharing system
  3. Revegetate riparian zones, buffers, shelter belts, corridors, catchments, parks
  4. Support agricultural transition to regenerative farming
  5. Incorporate sustainability planning regulations into the Local Planning Scheme
  6. Develop and promote programs to think local, buy local, swap, share and exchange
  7. Support the development of new, sustainable and local industries
  8. Provide low carbon public, tourist and school transport
  9. Support transition to electric vehicles
  10. Coordinate, champion and implement the AMR Climate Action Plan
  11. Lobby for change at the State and Federal political level

Most of these projects are already underway and progressing well. A summary of progress to date can be found in the Climate Action Report Card.

What you can do

The Shire encourages everyone to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy use and carbon emissions. 

Residents, schools and businesses can calculate their carbon footprint and develop their own action plan to reduce emissions through the Shire’s participation in the ClimateClever program.

Find out about ways to reduce your environmental footprint.

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