The Shire recognises that all life has intrinsic value, is interconnected and that biodiversity and ecological integrity are part of the irreplaceable life support systems upon which the earth depends. Council is therefore committed to using its best endeavours to meet the needs of current and future generations through an integration of environmental protection, social advancement and economic prosperity.  

Our five key objectives are:

  1. To ensure an integrated proactive approach to managing population growth and providing a high quality sustainable built environment for future generations.
  2. To ensure an integrated approach to protecting the natural environment that safeguards biodiversity and provides a sustainable natural environment for future generations.
  3. To enhance the quality of community life in the Shire characterised by vibrant participation, cohesiveness, increased social capital and recognition of the need for social justice and community safety.
  4. To foster economic prosperity in the Shire and South West Region.
  5. To strengthen the Shire’s position as an innovative, independent local government achieving business excellence.

The Shire strives to achieve these objectives by:

  • Ensuring that the way we govern as a Council is driving the transition to a sustainable future
  • Leading by example and playing our part in solving the global challenges of sustainability
  • Valuing and protecting our environment and ensuring the sustainable management and use of natural resources
  • Planning and encouraging our community to reduce its ecological footprint and enhance its quality of life at the same time
  • Supporting our community to fully participate in achieving a sustainable future
  • Assisting business to benefit from and contribute to sustainability.

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