Find out how heritage assets within the Shire of Augusta Margaret River are valued and protected.

Importance of heritage areas and places

Our region is home to globally renowned heritage sites, including numerous caves and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.  

Heritage assets add character to our local area. They create a sense of place for our community while stimulating economic development through business and tourism.  

The Shire recognise that our heritage areas are assets that make a significant contribution to the culture of the local area. They must be protected to preserve the unique character of our Shire. 

Heritage Places Policy

The Shire’s Heritage Places Policy guides the protection and enhancement of heritage places under the Local Planning Scheme. 

The Heritage Policy can be used to help individual applicants, landowners, and the wider community understand how planning decisions might be reached. It is important that any development or redevelopment within the Shire does not have a negative impact on the heritage significance of the area.

Heritage list of historic sites

Heritage sites within the Shire have been graded according to their significance:

●    Exceptional significance: Highly significant part of the cultural heritage of Shire 

●    Considerable significance: Very important to the heritage of the Shire 

●    Moderate significance: Makes a positive contribution to the heritage of Shire

●    Some significance: Helps to illustrate an important aspect of the history of the Shire but is not a key representative or rare example.

The graded levels of significance help to inform (but do not dictate) what places may be included on a heritage list. 

Note: When considering an application for planning approval, the inclusion of a historic site in a heritage list can also be used to inform what measures the Shire may apply to support the conservation of those places.

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