The Prohibited Burning Period for the Shire has been extended further and will now apply until midnight, Tuesday 14 May 2024. No fires can be lit in the open air. More information here.


The Shire owns and operates 17 road bridges and 8 pedestrian bridges across the Shire. 

With Main Roads Western Australia’s assistance, the Shire undertakes annual inspections and preventative maintenance on the road bridges in the Shire. 

Well known bridges include the Old Settlement Bridge (connects the Old Settlement to Rotary Park), Barrett Street Weir and Rendall Close Weir Bridges (cross over the local weirs) and the bridges of the Wadandi trail.

Recent bridgework projects include:

The iconic Wadandi Track Bridges 9293, 9290 and 9230 stretch over the rivers and creeks, allowing users to cross them and travel between townsites along the Wadandi Track. The shared track caters for both walkers and cyclists and offers picturesque scenery along the way. No bushwalking experience is required, the track has no steps or steep sections and is suitable for wheelchair use in summer. 

The Wadandi Track Bridges Replacement project which involved the replacement of three timber railway bridges, was recently selected as the winner at State engineering awards - Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Excellence Awards - Best Public Works Project Under $2m (Regional). The Shire Works team and contractors Bocol Constructions and Enviro Infrastructure completed these works.

Stretching over the Blackwood River, the Shire recently completed the five yearly maintenance on Warner Glen Bridge 3235 

Emergency repairs on Warner Glen Bridge 3236 were undertaken in 2023 to repair deteriorated timber footings.

Carters Road Bridge was given a deck overhaul and a new surface in early 2022.

For any queries relating to the Shires bridge, please use the contact us page.


The Shire offers access for boats and anglers to both the ocean and the river in a number of fantastic locations.

Throw a line off Old Town Jetty or launch your boat here in search of other ocean delights. It’s just down from the main street in Augusta and a great spot to look out for marine life and birdlife. 

The Shire recently gave the Old Town Jetty an upgrade. Also known as the Ellis Street Jetty, all the old, corroded steelwork on the jetty was replaced with new steelwork by Enviro Infrastructure ensuring the jetty remains safe for boat users and other recreational users. 

Other popular jetties include Gnarabup Jetty, Gracetown Jetty, Dead Finish Jetty, Ellis Street Floating Jetty and Turner Street Jetty.

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